Ingenuity, Passion & Excellence: OSI Industries

When it comes to creating concept-to-table solutions, OSI Industries is at the top of the ranks. This extraordinary company is the real deal when it comes to custom foods, and it uses some of the most technologically advanced facilities to do so. This company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has factories all over the U.S. There are well-over 20,000 working employees here, and the employees span across 17 countries. The countries included are Poland, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Japan, China, Brazil, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and others. The company’s statistical numbers are staggering when being viewed on paper. OSI Industries has been ranked on the affluent Forbes list for many years and in 2016, it was ranked at the 58th position while bringing in over $6.1 billion.

When it comes to awards, this company is no stranger. OSI Industries has been racking-up the awards throughout the years. The British Safety Council presented OSI’s Kelly Grimwood with the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. The award is for companies that has demonstrated excellence in environmental management. Drapers’ Hall in London was the location point for the luncheon ceremony. Since OSI Industries dominated the field, the company has won this specific award multiple times in the past. On the other hand, Sheldon Lavin was presented with the Globe Visionary Award on February 20, 2016.

Mr. Lavin just so happens to be the company’s chief executive officer. Of course, this only scratches the surface of winning awards and there will be many more to come in the future. Plant production is another key to success. OSI Industries has up to 65 innovative facilities around the globe. It has a wonderful frozen foods plant in India, which focuses on restaurant-based vegetable products. The company also has a $25 million high-capacity production line in Hungary that processes over 22,000 tons of chicken on an annual basis.Is there anything that this company can’t do? What else could anyone ever ask for? The company also has a beef processing facility in Poland as well as a frozen entrees plant in Geneva, Illinois.

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Desiree Perez of Roc Nation Makes Her Voice Heard

The #MeToo campaign is attracting the attention and talents of a number of legendary individuals in the music industry who are calling out loud and proud for gender empowerment and social justice. These include singers, musicians, composers, and entertainment executives.Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation since 2009 and one of the most influential executives in the music industry. She is renowned for working with musicians of the caliber of Jay-Z Carter, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey. Now she is now letting her own voice be heard as a champion for women in the music industry and throughout all of society.

Ms. Perez is influencing the groundswell of the #MeToo campaign. She is showcasing her power, involvement, and leadership abilities through championing female artists. Mariah Carey is one of the artists working with Ms. Perez, and the singer and actress recently vocalized her support for the popular Time’s Up campaign.When the president of the Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, stated that women in the music industry should “step up” to take responsibility for their careers, his tone-deaf request inspired a fierce response.

A united front of six of the industry’s most potent women executives, including Ms. Perez, crafted a letter to the Recording Academy’s board of trustees. The letter stated that the organization was “woefully out of touch with today’s music, the music business, and even more significantly society,” according to the NYC Inquirer. The executives went on to state that Portnow’s views were “emblematic of a much larger issue with the Naras (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) organization as a whole on the broader set of inclusion issues across all demographics.” With her social justice activism, Desiree Perez is a music industry leader working to ensure that all individuals’ voices are heard.

Why Jason Hope Made a Large Donation To The Sens Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation is a nonprofit that is looking to prevent age-related diseases and help people lead longer, healthier lives. It was co-founded by Aubrey de Grey who is the chief science officer. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and was established in 2009. Their goal is to use develop regenerative medicine methods that will repair the damage that results in many age-related diseases. Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona, was one of the earliest supporters of the SENS Foundation. He wrote them a check for $500,000 in 2010. The money was used to build and equip a new laboratory in Cambridge and to start a research project.

When talking about his donation he said that he wanted to advance their cause of helping people around the world. He says that traditional medicine just treats diseases after a patient has developed them. The Sens Research Foundation, on the other hand, is all about stopping these diseases before they occur.It is in the tech sector that Jason Hope earns his money. He went to college at the Arizona State University. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in finance. After this he attended this university’s W.P. Carey School of Business in order to acquire an MBA. His professional career started in January 2004 when he founded his own company that was in the mobile technology area. Today he invests in other companies in this industry that he sees as having a disruptive technology and business plans.

Jason Hope often thinks about the future of technology and says he is a futurist. He writes articles that have appeared in many publications about what he sees coming down the pick in the not so distant future. His current focus is on the Internet of Things which he has written will be the biggest technologic advancement the world has yet to witness, dwarfing even things like the creation of the internet.If he could tell his younger self anything Jason Hope has said that it would to not so far into the weeds. Instead he says he would tell himself that you’ve got to look at the greater picture and not the littlest details. He says he burned himself out on a number of promising projects because he would start to obsess over things that were really meaningless details in the grander scheme of things.

Ronald Fowlkes Article

Ronald Fowlkes has led the Eagle Industries Unlimited into a new foray of innovative battle gears because it is a large part of his background. He joined the team of Eagle Industries Unlimited in 2008, a company that supplies, manufactures, and produces quality tactical gear to the United States and international governments. Ronald is an honored war veteran who is now the development manager at Eagle Industries due to his immeasurable skills and expertise in various tactical defense platforms.


He is a manager of both the law enforcement department and the commercial product department of Eagle Industries Unlimited. Ronald also supervises the commercial product team on the how and why of creating tactical gears to ensure that the company is producing the best products for the military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Ronald Fowlkes military background involves his deployment to the Middle East in his first few years in the military.


In the beginning of year 2000, he returned to the front to help his fellow brothers in arms, literally training them in how to use tactical weapons. Ronald Fowlkes served four years in the United States Marine Corps (1989 to 1993). He was lauded and promoted twice while in the Marines. Also, the U.S. government awarded him a medal for his participation in the Gulf War. When American soldiers were deployed to Iraq, it was Ronald who taught them how to use tactical gears to keep themselves protected.


While in the Marines, Ronald enrolled and passed with honors the Basic Engineer course, the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison course, the NSWR Combat Driver School, and the U.S. Army Parachute School where he earned an advanced parachute insignia. Mr. Fowlkes has additional skills in radio encryption and in the use of the modular universal laser equipment (‘MULE’).


Ronald Fowlkes’ managerial positions at Eagle Industries allows him to discuss and demonstrate the proper use and importance of tactical gears to their customers and partners around the world. Mr. Fowlkes also had a rewarding 13-year career in law enforcement with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the St. Louis County Police Department.


In his law enforcement duties, he was a leader and certified instructor in SWAT and Urban warfare tactics, accurate rifle testing, and defensive tactics. With his experiences and background in tactical training maneuvers, Ronald Fowlkes used these skills to exponentially grow Eagle Industries Unlimited services and products.


Currently, Ronald Fowlkes resides in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and children. To relax when he is at home, Mr. Fowlkes is a part-time sports instructor, which he thoroughly enjoys.


A review of the NewsWatch TV Reviews effect

Raising 2,939% of your Indiegogo crowdfunding goal sounds like a fairytale too good to be true, however this was the reality for AVANCA, a tech company based in the Netherlands, that they attribute to working with NewsWatch TV. “I think it is great working with NewsWatch. This is our second time. The team is great, and the support is good.” AVANCA’s CMO, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, says through smiles in an interview. “When you worked with us, did you see any results?” the interviewer asked. “Yes, definitely.” she started, “The first time we worked with NewsWatch was on the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for a Windows 10 PC that fits in your pocket. We used the media of NewsWatch, and I think it was one of the reasons why the crowdfunding project was so successful.” This is just one of many success stories that have come from companies that have used NewsWatch.


You might be asking yourself “What is NewsWatch?”. NewsWatch is an award-winning television show started in March of 1990 that reviews consumer products with an entertaining format. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses has seen success with them. Hosts Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison keep their viewers up to date on all the latest and greatest in goods around the world by interviewing companies and showcasing products.


NewsWatch is broadcasted by major power-houses like the AMC and ION networks. It is seen in over 100 million homes in the United States and by over 200 markets. In addition to the nationally syndicated show, NewsWatch has a strong social media following including a YouTube channel that boasts over 4.1 million views and 5.1k subscribers. This company has the reach, clientele, and longevity to achieve anyone’s goals.


Find A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon In Dallas

There are many professional plastic surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area who can help those unhappy with the appearance of their backside. The Brazilian butt lift procedure has become increasingly popular recently thanks to celebrities and models on social media. The Brazilian butt lift is ideal for those who have sagging buttocks and need a lift, or for those who want a fuller look. Restora Austin in Central Texas can help you achieve either look.


The ideal candidate for the Brazilian butt lift most be in good general health. It is also important to have realistic expectations. Many surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area will not perform this procedure on those seeking an extremely unnatural look. You should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking at all costs. These toxins prevent healing, and can interfere with the surgical process.


The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas will consult with you to decide if you have additional body fat that you would like transferred to your buttocks. They will also discuss proper diet and exercise plans to help you maintain your new look. An ideal candidate would be those who have excess fat deposits on other parts of their body that your surgeon can remove through liposuction. Your fat is then purified and used for fat transfer directly to your buttocks. If you lack excess fat, you may be asked to gain weight prior to your Brazilian butt lift procedure. The cost for this procedure varies depending on where you live and what type of Brazilian butt lift procedure you are undergoing. Generally, it varies from $2,000 to $10,000. Many plastic surgery centers in Dallas, Texas offer financing options as well.


Making Use of the Expert Known as Sahm Adrangi

When you would like to do high-quality investing, it is crucial that you choose a professional like Sahm Adrangi. The great thing about choosing Sahm Adrangi is that this is someone who is going to assist in all investment needs. There is a reason why a lot of people have chosen this amazing expert for all of their needs. The fact that Sahm Adrangi has years of experience behind him as well as works on some of the best hedge fund investments out there makes him a prime choice for anyone looking for a quality investor to help them grow their own stock funds.

In order for you to make use of Sahm Adrangi, you’re going to want to hire him for his service needs and know that he is there to help as much as possible. Be sure to contact Sahm Adrangi if you need more information on what he is able to offer to you. There are a lot of people who have made use of this expert and know that he is going to do an amazing job of all of the investments that they need to get done. Be sure to contact this professional to see if he is going to be able to help with all of your investing as well.

There has never been a better time for you to make use of this expert than right now, and it is someone who is going to help you when you need it the most. There are so many people out there who can help as they need to, and this is something that will allow you to know what is necessary. By contacting this professional and seeing what he is able to do for you, you will notice that this allows you to get the majority of your investing done in no time. This is why a lot of individuals choose to hire the experts and know that it is someone who is going to assist them in a wide range of different ways for their own experience needed for any type of investing.

Todd Lubar: How to become a great businessman

The modern businessman has very different character traits compared to the traditional ones. In the older generation, investors had some features that are not available to most investors in the recent times. Many people were only interested in starting a business so that they can enjoy the freedom that comes with being a boss. Todd Lubar is an expert in real estate, and he believes that successful businessmen in their fifties ventured into the market so that they do not have to deal with rough bosses at the work place. However, millennials have very different views concerning businesses. The older generation, on the other hand, tends to believe that it is difficult for young people with no experience and capital to start successful businesses. Todd Lubar has very different views. According to him, young people with the following characteristics will become successful in the complicated markets.


According to Inspirery, dedication is all that matters when a young person is planning to start a business. If you are not dedicated in the business venture you have not started, it will be difficult to experience success in the markets that have proven to be too complicated. When you are dedicated to the business you are doing, you will look for different ways of solving the problems you are experiencing because you understand that they affect you personally at the end of the day. Lubar has shown his dedication to the real estate industry over the years, and he is just the perfect example of a successful investor.


Experts who have been in business for a long time understand that persistence is essential in all businesses that have been founded in the modern times. Todd Lubar tells investors that they can only deal with roadblocks in the investment industry if they have persistence. Individuals who lack this trait give up on the way, and sometimes they tend to do so when they spot a problem. The most successful investors in the tight markets are those that will deal with challenges and forge ahead. Listening to the advice offered by people can prove to be helpful if you are a newbie in the market. Check out their website to see more.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Bring Attention to Minority Issues

There are many issues that minorities might be facing and most of those go back to how they are trying to make things easier on themselves. There have been so many things that activists have been able to do and that means they are doing the best job possible. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this is part of how they are going to continue helping others and part of their plan to work to make sure things are going to get better. It is their way of giving the community what they need and giving them what they can do to make everything better.

For many years, the men pushed through and tried to make sure things were going to keep working for them. It was their way of providing people with the options they needed and providing them with everything that would allow them to perform better in the activist opportunities.

Thanks to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, people began to see there were positive parts of being a minority. They knew they would need to try their best to make sure things were going to work and try to show people how they were going to see all the differences in the industry.

It was their way of making sure things continued to work for different people and things would be able to go back to how they were doing business.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were doing what they could, they felt like they were going to get more from the different situations they were in. They even started the Frontera Fund to help minorities who were in different situations.

By doing this, they gave themselves a chance to try different things while helping other people out. They knew what they wanted to do and continued to push forward to make that happen for themselves. It was their way of giving back to a community that didn’t have much help.

The men made the choice to try and help others with the things they were doing. They also made a choice that would allow them to keep working hard no matter what they had wanted to do with different people.

Because of this, they knew just what to do to bring attention to issues in the industry they were in. It was how they were going to change the course for minorities who didn’t have any other help.

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The Many Faces of Education Secretary Betsy Devos

In her most recent introduction to the Washington, D.C., scene, and to many parts of the country more broadly, some individuals concluded that Betsy DeVos, the Trump Administration Secretary of Education, was something of a political neophyte and lightweight. Those who have known DeVox for any period of time before her nomination to the Cabinet post were surprised at how some people reacted to her.


The nomination hearings before the U.S. Senate for DeVox did not go particularly smoothly. She has admitted privately that she did not probably put on her best performance. When it came time to vote on approving her nomination, the Vice President was called into to break a tie vote. The vote was along party lines, with a couple of GOP defections.


One of the issues DeVox confronted during her first year in office as Secretary of Education involved President Trump’s decision to reverse the decision of the Obama Administration regarding transgender individuals and public school bathrooms. The Obama Administration implemented a policy that permitted public school students the ability to use the restroom based on the gender with which each person individually identified.


When Secretary DeVos learned of Trump’s intention to reverse this policy, she quietly lobbied the President to keep it in place. Despite her misgivings about reversing the policy, when Trump made his decision, she conducted herself as a team player. She even spoke at a major conservative convention directly after the reversal in policy. During her presentation, she took the President’s line that the Obama Administration had encroached on the rights of the states when it created its transgender bathroom policy.


In advance of the President announcing his decision about the public school bathroom issue, DeVos called representatives of gay and transgender employees to her office. She wanted to alert them to what was coming in regard the bathroom policy. She explained her own personal opinion on the subject, that she had lobbied the President to not reverse Obama-era policy, but would have to support the President now that a decision had been made.


Although many people concluded DeVos was a political novice when she entered the Department of Education, she actually is a political activist. She served as the chairperson of the Republican Party of Michigan. Her husband, Dick, ran for Governor.


School choice is a primary concern for DeVos. She has been a leading advocate for school choice, not only in Michigan, but across the United States.


In addition to her involvement in politics for an extended period of time, DeVos and her husband are generous philanthropists. She is from a wealthy family herself. Her husband is the son of the man who founded AmWay. They both have spent a great deal of their time and money on organizations and causes they support ( Before coming to Washington to become the Secretary of Education, DeVos was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve on the board of directors of the Kennedy Center. In that role, she established and funded and arts in education program through the Kennedy Center.