How Fabletics is competing with Established Fashion E-commerce Brands

Succeeding in the fashion e-commerce market is quite difficult. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is defying all odds by generating a lot of revenue in this competitive sector. The brand is known for its subscription mechanism that helps in selling unique outfits to clients. Brands like Amazon gained control of the fashion e-commerce market because of their price and quality. However, Fabletics is successful in this sector due to factors such as customer experience, exclusive design, and brand recognition. Just like companies such as Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics seeks to use its subscription service to draw more customers. The company also aims to open more stores across the world.


Fabletics’ Membership Model


According to Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics focuses on establishing itself as a high-value brand. Gregg, who is the general manager of Fabletics, also believes that the company is successful due to its membership model. The membership assures customers of purchasing fashion items based on their choices.


Business Strategy


Photos of fashion items posted on Fabletics website represent real items found in the company’s physical stores. The company usually stocks items that are more appealing to clients. Its professional team also analyzes social media sentiments and preferences of customers. As trends and tastes change, they restock items to cater to the changing needs of clients. According to Dustin Netral, Fabletics combines user preference data with global fashion trends. Netral, who is the senior vice president of operations, confirmed that this business strategy had generated lots of revenue for Fabletics.


How Fabletics Focuses on People and Culture


Fabletics underwent several changes as it moved into new territories. The company also gained a lot of experience as it interacted with new competitors. This experience enabled the professional team of Fabletics to learn more about consumer education and balance of lifestyle. Fabletics also grows by 35 percent yearly due to its in-depth understanding of customers’ fashion needs. Most investors in the fashion industry believe that companies with affordable product prices can grow easily. Fabletics’ growth can be attributed to its fast purchase options and brilliant membership programs. The company has also invested in physical stores and set up showrooms for great customer experience. Fabletics continues to shine in 2017, and it has implemented novel strategies for competing with Amazon.

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