Where “Ordinary” Shampoos Fail, WEN By Chaz Goes The Distance

None of us dream of fine, limp hair, but many of us have it and try to deal with it daily. Take Emily McClure, for instance. She’s a beauty blogger for Bustle.com.

Emily admits that her medium-length hair is basically unmanageable and frizzy now and then. Like most of us, she desires Hollywood hair; the kind that has super shine, bounce and vitality. She had heard all the hype about the iconic WEN Hair brand and decided to test the unique cleansing conditioners for one week and report her findings. Emily even posted on Facebook hair selfies along the way.

WEN By Chaz remains the leader in the no lather shampoo category, and its founder and CEO is a famous hair stylist to the stars. L.A.’s Chaz Dean developed the brand based on the principles of nature and the longtime botanical extracts that have been proven to add strength and luster to hair. See, https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity.

Regular store-bought shampoos are filled to the brim with powerful chemicals that actually weaken the hair over time. Sulfate varieties and parabens are the main culprits, and Chaz Dean knew that a lather wasn’t doing women any favors. So he removed the lather and the harsh detergents and created his special cleansing conditioners.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra moisture. She was hesitant to use the recommended amount for her hair length and skimped on the WEN. Still, her hair came out big, healthy and glossy. WEN advises using lots of product, because the no lather shampoos create a different experience and are formulated with richness.

Emily gave WEN thumbs up, and she would try the brand again if she had more time to spend styling and doing her hair. For now, Emily admits she’s lazy and barely has time to get out the door.

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