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According to the article on the website of the Madison Country Courier, New Yorkers have a new convenient method of finding an attorney to handle their legal issues. In that case, LRIS (Lawyer Referral and Information Service) has developed an online portal that can be used by individuals who are seeking for legal help. Every individual is always in need of a lawyer when faced with pressures regarding criminal acts. Therefore, LRIS has given the New Yorkers and other communities at larger the opportunity of having the confidence of getting the right lawyer to handle their criminal cases. Most of the lawyers who are matched to clients by the online portal have credentials that have been reviewed by NYSBA (New York State Bar Association).


The online technology was developed by NYSBA in partnership with the, which is a national market provider for legal services. is proud to partner with NYSBA, which has redefined and scale up the delivery of the legal services. Also, the advantage of the online service is that referral to the lawyer who has the credentials is free. Furthermore, the legal services are offered at an affordable cost and there is trust between clients and their respective attorneys.


About Mr. Jeremy Goldstein

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the business partners at the Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. The law firm specializes in giving advice to management teams in corporations, CEOs, compensation committees, and issues relating to corporate governances. Additionally, the role of Jeremy’s Law firm is to transform corporate events and iron sensitive situations.


Before establishing his firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked at the Wachtell and Associates Law Firm as a partner. Moreover, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in several corporate transactions over the past decade of practicing law. Examples of these transactions include the acquisition of the Dow Chemical Company, Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless Corporation, and America Bank Corporation.

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