Securus Technologies: Improving the Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies has been investing in a lot of devices that will be used for the security of correctional facilities and the vicinity around them. One of the most recent invention that they introduced is the drone detection technology which would allow correctional facilities to prevent the use of drones near the areas hosting the prison. According to reports, the number of drones found near the correctional facilities is in a constant rise, and the jail officers are having a negative feeling about the incident. It was also found out that these drones are being used by several individuals to deliver contraband, and one of the most popular materials being smuggled inside the prison are cell phones, drugs, and deadly weapons.

The jail officers have been storming the prison cells ever since they discovered what the inmates are doing with the drones. The rise of drone sightings near the correctional facility has also resulted in frequent cell check-ups, with the jail officers expecting to confiscate a lot of contraband inside. Those who are caught possessing these contrabands are being given additional punishment. They are also advising the prisoners that they should not smuggle any contraband inside the prison cell because it would lead to more violence and disorder.

The drone detection technology is currently being deployed in several prisons across the United States. It is currently in testing phase, and Securus Technologies would want to verify it’s effective before they could require the prisons under their control to install it. Securus Technologies wanted to share their products to the world, and they are thinking that the drone detection technology will be the next big thing in the field of security. Securus Technologies has been dealing with security issues for so many years, and the drone detection technology is just one of the innovation that they developed.

Securus Technologies has been serving correctional facilities across the United States and Canada, and they have signed partnerships with more than 3,000 correctional facilities across the country. Around one million prisoners are also benefiting from the technology being provided by Securus Technologies, and it has been considered as one of the best in the industry. Securus Technologies is also reported to spend more than $600 million just to protect their properties, and it has been an effective way to counter anyone who would want to illegally copy their products. Through the years of operating, Securus Technologies has been a leading company when it comes to telecommunications and security needs of their clients. According to the management of Securus Technologies, their newest technology has the same principle and idea as their wireless containment system. It prevents the use of drones near the correctional facility, just like how the wireless containment system prevents the use of contraband cell phones.