Women’s Education is Priority one to businessman Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta has made a long march to where he sees himself today. He was once a small child from a small village who knew he was destined for great things. Gupta went to college at the Indian Institute of Technology, studying agricultural engineering. After graduating from U of N in Lincoln, Nebraska, he worked as a research analyst for Commodore Corporation. Needing more from his profession, he borrows $100 to mail letters to companies who would want his database services. This work spectacularly well and in 1972, Vinod Gupta started American Business information. Due to the level of service, ABI became a company worth over 500 million dollars. It was at this point that Gupta decided he wanted to step down as the Chief executive, only to return in the next year, renaming the company. Under this new name, the company continued to grow until it  sold in 2010. Upon its sale it had a value of 680 million dollars.

While he presently serves at his current position of managing General partner for Everest Group, a venture capital company, Vinod Gupta has new interest in more magnanimous pursuits. Focusing on education, Gupta has built schools in impoverished parts of India, and he funds courses at the University back in Nebraska. One of his most generous gesture to date has been a donation of 1 million dollars to the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic School, a women’s polytechnic School. This school focuses on technology, and here the women can earn their degrees in as little as 24 months. He has also set up a girl’s school in his old village. he has provided textbooks, buses, lunches, and other assistance to the school. In addition to this, he also has numerous foundations in his name, and to honor his son Ben.

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Vinod Gupta

Jeff Herman – The Victims Defender

Victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and rape usually end up not getting justice as required due to poor representation and lack of the right advocate. However, thanks to Jeff Herman, the founder of namesake Herman Law Firm, they can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can find professional representation. He has managed to stand up for the rights of more than one thousand victims who have been sexually abused.

Much can be learned about Jeff Herman from the interview as he highlights critical points about his law career. His career switched dramatically in 1997 while practicing as a commercial litigator, when he stood up to represent a four-year-old kid sexually abused at pre-school. It was heart-rending to imagine how a school can hire a convicted pedophile to commit such atrocity. He took up the case, helping the family obtain justice, something that marked the beginning of his life’s calling.

When asked about what brings his ideas to life, Herman’s response was brilliant. Working together with his law firm, he understands exactly what the case requires. His investigative unit made up of former law enforcers help break down cases, separating facts from theory. It is integral that he maps out every strategy to an extent of drawing every detail on large white boards.

Born in 1959, Herman, an American trial lawyer is noted for his successful case that exposed the sexual abuse scandal by the clergy in the Archdiocese of Miami and the Archdiocese of Denver. The landmark $100 million ruling against Rev. Neil Doherty, the largest ever on an individual clergyman, set his career on a pedestal.

In the current social dispensation, it is vital for every parent to understand what goes around their children. Herman outlines tips to help parents protect children from sexual predators, both online and offline. It is evident that a child’s vulnerability exposes them as an easy target for sexual offenders to lure and easily abuse. His advice to parents while talking to children is keeping it age appropriate, teaching them how to say no when they feel uncomfortable, never stop talking and giving appropriate examples concerning their sexuality.

Herman’s law firm is based in Boca Raton, Florida and is exclusively dedicated to helping sexually abused victims find justice across the nation. He eludes that rise of social media platforms has led to increase in sexual abuse, especially to children. However, as much as sexual predators can feel “safer” behind the dark veil of Internet anonymity, the wave of social media justice soon catches up with them.

Bolstered by successful results Jeff provides to his clients, Herman has set meaning to his career scope.

The New Dimension of Online Investment: AvaTrade Review

Founded in 2006, AvaTrade is an online investment firm that provides online traders with a wide range of trading platforms globally. Its formation was a result of combined effort of web-commerce professionals and financial gurus. They realized that the online retail traders were not getting the best experience that they would ever wish to have. To fill this market gap, the experts developed the platform which has been received with very positively in the industry.


Since its formation, the company has experienced swift growth in its customer base, having more than 200,000 registered customers executing trades worth more than $60 billion in every month. In spite of having its headquarters located in Ireland, the firm has also opened numerous profit centers and offices in different cities worldwide, including Sydney, Tokyo, Milan, Paris and elsewhere.


One beautiful aspect about AvaTrade review is its versatility. It offers traders and online investors with a wide range of platforms on which they can trade. These platforms include AvaOptions, AvaTradeAct and MetaTrader 4. These allow users to trade across multiple platforms and with different accounts. All this is made possible by providing the “my account” tab. Under this tab, users can see what accounts they have opened, whether the accounts are a demo or live accounts, and also on which platform they are trading.


Depositing funds to AvaTrade platforms has also been demystified. By just clicking on the “deposit” button, the user can deposit funds into their accounts. On top of this, there is also the option to fund their accounts using credit cards or through direct wire transfer from their bank accounts.


AvaTrade trade also makes it easy for the user to monitor their trading progress. By clicking on the “closed positions” tab, the trader can generate reports that relate to old trades that have already been closed out. The closed positions history comes along with a P&L that is very useful for the traders to track their performance.


About AvaTrade

AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland under the European Union. It has also managed to be licensed by the Australian Security and Investment Commission, in Australia. This has gone a long way to ensuring that the company’s market reach is enhanced and also to increase its clientele base.

The untold tale of Hussain Sajwani The DAMAC owner.

DMAC Properties is one of the well-known real estate companies due to its excellent services. It was started in the early twenty-first century and has grown to broaden its market and gain more trust from the public, different organisations and different countries as well. Its growth is mainly because of the founder Hussain Sajwani who got experience at a young age when working at a catering venture which he started some few years after completing his bachelor’s degree.

The exceptional skills and services portrayed by the DAMC owner Hussain Sajwani have brought positive feedback other than a grown market. Hussain has gotten many contracts with great personalities with significant business ventures among others. He got a partnership of a project with Donald Trump who is currently the president of the United States. For this reason, he does excellent works that have lead to him getting recognised.

However, the company has had ups and downs in the journey of its growth. At a point, the global market for real estate declined to affect the company as well. According to Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, it was a tough period, but he managed to strive. The art of being a visionary leader is the aspect that assisted the reboot of the company after the crisis. One thing that stood out is the undying hope and the strategies Hussain displayed.

Being a wealthy tycoon, the DAMC owner does not depend on one source of income. Moreover, he had already established other properties using DAMAC. Therefore, the presence of the crisis was, but there were measures which could rebuild the company. One of the actions taken was to let go of most of the workers as without market to manage them would be difficult. Secondly, Hussain consolidated lands and projects and cut the overheads among other things. Through the best assets available and the funds present, DAMAC properties survived the crisis and gradually thrived. The excellent leadership and decision-making are the primary virtues that enabled the company to flourish. In the long run, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner was vital to the rebuilding of the companies and the growth of the economy as well.

Freedom Checks: Exploring Investment Opportunities

Most people throughout the United States are always looking for new opportunity to make an extra buck. There always seems to be a new commercial telling you the quickest way to financial success. These commercials however very confusing in their language and often leave people with the wrong impression. One example of this instance would be the confusion surrounding freedom checks. The name itself fosters a sense of patriotism that invites the audience to assume that it may be some government-run program. That is exactly what happened when these commercials aired. The nature of commercials like people to believe that all they had to do was sign up or freedom checks online and they would be receiving payouts very quickly. This is not all the reality behind freedom checks. Read more reviews at stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Looking at the program, it is not actually a scam, but it is very misleading. There are many pictures of individuals receiving large checks in the mail. But these are stock photos. Instead of being a system that rewards those who sign up with large checks, freedom checks actually is an investment strategy. The strategy does require capital to get started. The strategy calls for investing in domestic energy companies. By investing in these companies the creator of the strategy hopes to aid people and taking advantage of a federal law. This law is called statue 26 – F and it benefits over 550 energy-related businesses in the United States. These companies have decided that instead of paying larger taxes to the government they would instead turn those profits over to their investors. This statue allows them to pay fewer taxes so long as they return $.90 of every dollar to their investors. Ultimately, this leads to larger checks for those who elect to invest in these energy companies.

So while there has been a lot of confusion regarding freedom checks, they ultimately can be boiled down to investment strategy. This strategy allows those with capital to invest to choose the company that will be able to turn over as many profits as possible overs their investors in form of distributions. This has many benefits for these investors, besides the obvious higher payouts it allows for them to pay less in taxes. Unlike the commercial presents it, this strategy does follow the traditional role of the more you invest the more you are likely to get back.

Visit:  https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/34-6-billion-freedom-checks-paid-thanks-new-tax-plan/


Securus Technologies: Improving the Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies has been investing in a lot of devices that will be used for the security of correctional facilities and the vicinity around them. One of the most recent invention that they introduced is the drone detection technology which would allow correctional facilities to prevent the use of drones near the areas hosting the prison. According to reports, the number of drones found near the correctional facilities is in a constant rise, and the jail officers are having a negative feeling about the incident. It was also found out that these drones are being used by several individuals to deliver contraband, and one of the most popular materials being smuggled inside the prison are cell phones, drugs, and deadly weapons.

The jail officers have been storming the prison cells ever since they discovered what the inmates are doing with the drones. The rise of drone sightings near the correctional facility has also resulted in frequent cell check-ups, with the jail officers expecting to confiscate a lot of contraband inside. Those who are caught possessing these contrabands are being given additional punishment. They are also advising the prisoners that they should not smuggle any contraband inside the prison cell because it would lead to more violence and disorder.

The drone detection technology is currently being deployed in several prisons across the United States. It is currently in testing phase, and Securus Technologies would want to verify it’s effective before they could require the prisons under their control to install it. Securus Technologies wanted to share their products to the world, and they are thinking that the drone detection technology will be the next big thing in the field of security. Securus Technologies has been dealing with security issues for so many years, and the drone detection technology is just one of the innovation that they developed.

Securus Technologies has been serving correctional facilities across the United States and Canada, and they have signed partnerships with more than 3,000 correctional facilities across the country. Around one million prisoners are also benefiting from the technology being provided by Securus Technologies, and it has been considered as one of the best in the industry. Securus Technologies is also reported to spend more than $600 million just to protect their properties, and it has been an effective way to counter anyone who would want to illegally copy their products. Through the years of operating, Securus Technologies has been a leading company when it comes to telecommunications and security needs of their clients. According to the management of Securus Technologies, their newest technology has the same principle and idea as their wireless containment system. It prevents the use of drones near the correctional facility, just like how the wireless containment system prevents the use of contraband cell phones.

Why Rocketship Education is There For Kids

Sending your child to a good school can be a lot more difficult than you think. If you send them to a typical public school, they might not receive the education that they need to get ahead in life. Certain areas also have bad schools, and you can often find this information by doing a bit of research on what is available to them. You are also going to want to check out the different schools in your area that offer a private education, but you’ll notice that they charge too much for a more personalized education. One of the better options for those who are in need of better schooling is to choose a charter school like Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education is one of the best charter schools in the country. They are based out of California, and they have been in business for well over a decade. This makes it easy to see why so many parents are choosing Rocketship Education for themselves and are thrilled with the level of education that their children are able to receive because of this. If you feel it is time for a change for your kids, it is time for you to contact Rocketship Education and see about the available programs that will benefit your children who will be going to one of their facilities.

Another key benefit to Rocketship Education is that they offer at-home programs that you can use for yourself. This means that you’re able to homeschool your child from the house without having to do all of the educating on your own. Not only does this save time and money, but you’re going to find that they receive a much better education than they would if they were simply going to a local public school. Make sure that you look into the wide range of different options available through Rocketship Education and know that this is something that is sure to be of benefit to them when they need it the most and are able to go there because of the type of schooling that they need.

Ingenuity, Passion & Excellence: OSI Industries

When it comes to creating concept-to-table solutions, OSI Industries is at the top of the ranks. This extraordinary company is the real deal when it comes to custom foods, and it uses some of the most technologically advanced facilities to do so. This company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has factories all over the U.S. There are well-over 20,000 working employees here, and the employees span across 17 countries. The countries included are Poland, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Japan, China, Brazil, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and others. The company’s statistical numbers are staggering when being viewed on paper. OSI Industries has been ranked on the affluent Forbes list for many years and in 2016, it was ranked at the 58th position while bringing in over $6.1 billion.

When it comes to awards, this company is no stranger. OSI Industries has been racking-up the awards throughout the years. The British Safety Council presented OSI’s Kelly Grimwood with the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. The award is for companies that has demonstrated excellence in environmental management. Drapers’ Hall in London was the location point for the luncheon ceremony. Since OSI Industries dominated the field, the company has won this specific award multiple times in the past. On the other hand, Sheldon Lavin was presented with the Globe Visionary Award on February 20, 2016.

Mr. Lavin just so happens to be the company’s chief executive officer. Of course, this only scratches the surface of winning awards and there will be many more to come in the future. Plant production is another key to success. OSI Industries has up to 65 innovative facilities around the globe. It has a wonderful frozen foods plant in India, which focuses on restaurant-based vegetable products. The company also has a $25 million high-capacity production line in Hungary that processes over 22,000 tons of chicken on an annual basis.Is there anything that this company can’t do? What else could anyone ever ask for? The company also has a beef processing facility in Poland as well as a frozen entrees plant in Geneva, Illinois.

Source of the article : http://www.hoovers.com/company-information/cs/company-profile.osi_group_llc.dcd204194f67e57f.html

Desiree Perez of Roc Nation Makes Her Voice Heard

The #MeToo campaign is attracting the attention and talents of a number of legendary individuals in the music industry who are calling out loud and proud for gender empowerment and social justice. These include singers, musicians, composers, and entertainment executives.Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation since 2009 and one of the most influential executives in the music industry. She is renowned for working with musicians of the caliber of Jay-Z Carter, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey. Now she is now letting her own voice be heard as a champion for women in the music industry and throughout all of society.

Ms. Perez is influencing the groundswell of the #MeToo campaign. She is showcasing her power, involvement, and leadership abilities through championing female artists. Mariah Carey is one of the artists working with Ms. Perez, and the singer and actress recently vocalized her support for the popular Time’s Up campaign.When the president of the Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, stated that women in the music industry should “step up” to take responsibility for their careers, his tone-deaf request inspired a fierce response.

A united front of six of the industry’s most potent women executives, including Ms. Perez, crafted a letter to the Recording Academy’s board of trustees. The letter stated that the organization was “woefully out of touch with today’s music, the music business, and even more significantly society,” according to the NYC Inquirer. The executives went on to state that Portnow’s views were “emblematic of a much larger issue with the Naras (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) organization as a whole on the broader set of inclusion issues across all demographics.” With her social justice activism, Desiree Perez is a music industry leader working to ensure that all individuals’ voices are heard.

Why Jason Hope Made a Large Donation To The Sens Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation is a nonprofit that is looking to prevent age-related diseases and help people lead longer, healthier lives. It was co-founded by Aubrey de Grey who is the chief science officer. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and was established in 2009. Their goal is to use develop regenerative medicine methods that will repair the damage that results in many age-related diseases. Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona, was one of the earliest supporters of the SENS Foundation. He wrote them a check for $500,000 in 2010. The money was used to build and equip a new laboratory in Cambridge and to start a research project.

When talking about his donation he said that he wanted to advance their cause of helping people around the world. He says that traditional medicine just treats diseases after a patient has developed them. The Sens Research Foundation, on the other hand, is all about stopping these diseases before they occur.It is in the tech sector that Jason Hope earns his money. He went to college at the Arizona State University. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in finance. After this he attended this university’s W.P. Carey School of Business in order to acquire an MBA. His professional career started in January 2004 when he founded his own company that was in the mobile technology area. Today he invests in other companies in this industry that he sees as having a disruptive technology and business plans.

Jason Hope often thinks about the future of technology and says he is a futurist. He writes articles that have appeared in many publications about what he sees coming down the pick in the not so distant future. His current focus is on the Internet of Things which he has written will be the biggest technologic advancement the world has yet to witness, dwarfing even things like the creation of the internet.If he could tell his younger self anything Jason Hope has said that it would to not so far into the weeds. Instead he says he would tell himself that you’ve got to look at the greater picture and not the littlest details. He says he burned himself out on a number of promising projects because he would start to obsess over things that were really meaningless details in the grander scheme of things.