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Lifeline Screening Gives People A Direction To Travel Towards Good Health

Lifeline Screening provides a way for people to check on their overall health for a very reasonable price and in a convenient way. The tests offered by Lifeline are not available at a doctor’s office or an urgent care center. They are normally found at hospitals and testing facilities, and they are fairly high priced at those institutions.

There are three basic types of screening procedures that are available at Lifeline Screening. One is the ultrasound screening procedure, the second is a finger-stick blood sample test, and the third is a limited electrocardiograph.

The ultrasound is similar to the test that pregnant moms have to determine the sex of the baby and its disposition inside of the womb. Sound waves are sent into the body and images are seen that show the organs in real life. The newest Doppler color images are illustrated which offer accurate and vivid images.

The finger-stick test only needs a few small drops of blood to create a full lipid panel that will show the levels of cholesterol, both HDL and LDL, both the good and the bad along with glucose levels, which are used to diagnose diabetes, and liver enzymes for testing for liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph shows how the heart is working and tests for atrial fibrillation which is more common than many people believe. A-Fib, another name for an irregular heartbeat, can cause blood clots which can lead to stroke, so this is an important item for a person’s doctor to know about.

All of the screening tests that are available from Lifeline Screening are non-invasive and very simple to do. There is no preparation needed for a person to take these tests.

Lifeline is available all over the United States in designated locations and employer facilities. You can check the company website to learn of a location nearest to you.

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