Boraie Strikes on Reshaping New Brunswick

The New Jersey Stage publishes the return of the Free Summer Movies Series, in which the State Theatre made their announcement of its return with sponsorship by Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation. All showings for each movie will begin viewing at 10:30am and 7:00pm for the following movies; Frozen on the 12th of July, The Extra Terrestrial on July 19th, Despicable Me 2 on July 26th, Babe on August 2nd, Monsters University on August 9th, and Aladdin on August 16th at free of charge. All the way back to the historic legacy of The State Theatre, it has grown into the most prominent venues for live acts since 1921. This fully, updated and top of the notch theatre has many great features such as the HD digital cinema projection system, 46’ Stewart film screen, Barco projector and digital surround sound. Along with these great features in the 1.850 seat restored theatre, crowd can also sit downstairs or right from the balcony, if preferred. The State Theatre offers free of charge movie watching’s for its community to be able to enjoy quality time or possibly extra-curricular engagements and outings with their friends. The sponsors are greatly pleased to sponsor the Free Summer Movies Series as it gives high advantages of people watching free movies, which makes it a remarkable historic venue for them. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

According to NY Times, one of the sponsors of the State Theatre, Boraie Development LLC, saw the potential of New Brunswick, which is where the State Theatre is located, on 15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick, NJ. Omar seen the potential of its growth for four decades, although many people thought otherwise. When others doubted his success on turning New Brunswick around for a better cause, he was the genius that proved many wrong. Sam Boraie, President of Boraie Development LLC, sought out the good in New Brunswick, including the State Theatre. Boraie Development LLC is an established company since 1986, who offers a wide range of services that focus primarily on urban real estate market. The annual revenue of this company is 9279614 as they are employed with roughly around 35 staff members. The goal within their company is to build striking and eye-catching properties while delivering nothing but the most exceptional and unique services to each and one of their clients. To ensure that the services of Boraie Development is top-notch, they match with the finest financial institutions, visionary architects who understands the importance of project deadlines.

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Tammy Mazzocco Plans for Success

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate professional who works in Central Ohio selling residential homes. She works out of Pickerington, Ohio and serves four counties. She has been there since 1999 working with the Judy Gang Team of RE/MAX.

Tammy began her real estate career working as a secretary for various real estate offices and one day decided that the income potential of working on the sales side of the equation offered a great opportunity. The rest is history as she found her life’s calling and satisfaction, visit her website for more details.

Tammy is passionate about her work, and she enjoys immensely the fact that she can be instrumental in helping families find the home of their dreams. She works hard at her job and maintains that if you love what you do, you should give it your best effort.

Tammy starts her day early and blocks out time for the things that are mundane like paperwork, emails, and follow-ups. You have to make yourself do some things, and that is a good way to accomplish those tasks. When following up by phone for appointments, Tammy says that she makes a game of it. She likes to set goals, and then break the goal down into smaller action steps, which makes them easier to achieve.

She knows that after a certain number of phone calls, she will arrange a set number of appointments to show houses, so that is where she starts and her schedule is soon full. Showing homes to prospective buyers equal sales, and that is what she focuses on. 85 percent of her sales come from referrals and repeat business, yet she loves the leads that come from the organizations like Zillow and because those are mostly live leads from the internet. These are people who are interested in looking at homes right away and are very good leads.

The one habit that Tammy is very adamant about is to treat the client’s time and investments as she would treat her own. She focuses on the client and their needs and puts her issues in the background. She knows that people remember how they are treated and that consideration towards others results in them wanting to do business with you.

When asked how she stays organized, she replied that she uses tools like “Follow Up Boss” to keep track of clients who are in the various stages of buying a home. She states that in real estate there are just too many things going on to attempt committing them all to memory.

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