Dick And Betsy Devos Are Among the Donors Giving Kennedy Center Millions

In 2006, Dick DeVos took a short at politics as a Republic nominee for the Michigan Governorship. However, he lost to the Democrat candidate, Jennifer Granholm. What many don’t know is that besides politics and business, Dick is a philanthropist. Looking at him as a person, I can only admire his love for charity.


As a business person and politician, Dick identifies social problems in the society and effectively comes up with the solution. This is how he is able to meet people and get to express his soft social side. He and his wife Betsy are actively involved in social charity events in Michigan. They are founders of Dick and Betsy Foundation that shoulders a number of educational and health charity facilities.


The Foundation recently donated $1 million to the J.F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The Center which opened its doors to the public in 1971 boasts of over 3 million visitors annually. The Center had a goal of raising $125 million for expansion and programming initiatives and hopes to fund the entire project through donations.


Dick the Philanthropist


Dick DeVos was born in 1955 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Throughout his life, he has been a social philanthropist. He founded the Education Freedom Fund which is cited to have awarded scholarship opportunities to more than 4,000 less privileged kids in Michigan. The scholarship also helps children enrolled in West Michigan Aviation School.


In addition to education, Dick also funds health and other social facilities within Michigan. Notable health and social charity donations pioneered by him include:



  • Construction of a heart hospital worth $130 million
  • $212 million convention facility
  • $90 million in a medical school
  • $30 million market facility


Dick and his wife are actively involved in the Dick & Betsy Foundation especially DeVos Institute of Management and the Inner City Federation.


Dick the Businessman


Having graduated from Northwood University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Dick took to Business. He is an established American entrepreneur and investor. He is best known to have founded Windquest Group in Michigan in 2010 where he is the president. The company deals with clean energy and manufacturing. He is also the founder and chairman of West Michigan Academy.


His years of experience in management also earned him an advisory role at Willow Creek. He is a member of the board of directors of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He has been an effective director since 2010. He is recorded to have served Amway Corporation as Vice president and President. He also served as Vice President and CEO at Orlando Magic. Both of these two companies are family brands founded by his father, Richard DeVos.




Dick DeVos is an accomplished business person and philanthropist. His concern for education and health has pushed him to fund several organizations under Dick & Betsy Foundation. He is an inspiring and life-changing Michigan icon.


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