Rick Smith Confidently Leading Securus Technologies Towards the Future

Managing a company that has pioneered the correctional industry towards modernization and the modern use of technology is no easy feat. However, it is what Rick Smith has achieved after taking over the responsibility as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. Rick Smith has always been a man with a mission and he took it upon himself to transform the correctional industry from what it was a few years back to what it is today, where the use of technology for the benefit of inmates and law enforcement officers have become rampant. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

He believes that the correctional sphere has been docile and stagnant for way too long and it is important for the integration of the technology to the sector for the benefit of all its stakeholders, including the inmates, the families of inmates, government, and the law enforcement agencies. It only provides a better and safer environment for the inmate and their family members to communicate with each other, but also ensures that the law enforcement agencies are always a step ahead when it comes to keeping crime rate low.

It has been seen in way too many incidents that technology has played a pivotal role in arresting the criminals or stopping the offenders before any damage is done. It is due to the efforts made by companies such as Securus Technologies that such investigative solutions and services are available these days that makes the task of law enforcement more comfortable as well as safer at the same time. The use of modern investigative solutions also helps in rehabilitating the lives of inmates in a much more progressive fashion. Rick Smith understands that the competition in the field of corrections is fierce and the best possible way to fight out this competition is by acquiring emerging and innovative companies in the area of corrections. It is for this very reason Rick Smith recently announced the acquisition of Jpay Inc, which is one of the most creative and modern correctional firms in the industry right now. Follow Rick’s profile at LinkedIn.com.

Jpay Inc allows the inmates to send and receive money through their phone and provides access to services like video chat and e-mail. It helps in making the lives of the inmates easier and communication with the friends and families much cheaper for the inmates. Rick Smith Securus understands that such technology has a lot of scope for the future, which is why the acquisition of Jpay Inc has proved to be beneficial for the company. Rick Smith has done MBA from Rochester University and Engineering from New York University, which makes him a highly qualified individual. His educational qualification along with his years of experience in the telecommunication industry makes him perfectly capable of leading Securus Technologies confidently into the future.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-adds-sales-executive-to-leadership-team-300201202.html

Fabletics Achieving Higher Sales with their Business Model

Fabletics is an online brand that sells athletic wear for women as well as sports gear and casual and athletic footwear. Owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Fabletics is a part of the TechStyle Fashion Group family which helped it step on a more stable foundation as a new company.


In terms of business, Fabletics has established many beneficial practices that have made it possible for the online brand to accomplish some significant things. Starting with their membership model, Faletis uses monthly memberships to attract and retain customers. The VIP membership allows the customer to take advantage of many dscounts and some great deals. What is more, in-house stylists make up an outfit for each VIP member of the brand according to what the person likes and needs. The name has information about such preferences thanks to the Lifestyle Quiz that customers have to complete in order to be signed up as a VIP member of Fabletics.


Another impressive feat that Fabletics has achieved is the sales rate. According to recent reports. Fabletics has surpassed Amazon in terms of sports wear sales. Both companies utilize the Reversed showroom technique. The technique was first introduced by Apple, but Kate Hudson has managed to adapt it to the clothing brand successfully. The company has managed to gain more memberships because of that and achieve higher revenue. In fact, Fabletics is worth $250 million up to date.


As an online store, fabletics is responsible for how they market their products. One of the most critical aspects of that these days is the experience f personalized merchandising. Cokie cutter merchandizing is no longer enough, and consumers glaze over it and move on. Personalized merchandising, however, is a whole different story. If an online store manages to gather enough information about each individual user, then it can display more relevant products to them. Online stores usually start by showing random products and making conclusions based on what the customer clicks on.


Speaking of gathering information, Fabletics has proven to be proficient at that. Kate Hudson has spoken about the active customer information database of the online store with a lot of pride. Fabletics has been developing and enhancing the way the website gathers information about the brand’s clients and is currently one of the most efficient ones on the market.


If it continues this way, Fabletics will be even more successful. Setting the bar higher, the brand continues to pursue excellence.

Equities First Holdings Is Making Waves

The European market has seen many changes over the past couple of years, and Equities First Holdings has been helping people deal with those changes since they came to Europe. They are in a report in the French Tribune about the world they are doing, and they are making it much easier for someone to get a loan that they know they need for any kind of purpose.

Someone who needs a loan does not have to spend all their time explaining the reason for the loan because they just send in their application. The company has nice offices that are very easy for people to feel comfortable in, and they have made sure that they would help as many people as possible by giving them loans that are the right amount.Someone with a business or a cash flow problem can make these changes to their finances with help from Equities First.