The contribution of Alexandre Gama in Brazilian advertising

Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur and communication and advertising expert. He is also the Founder and CEO of Neogama Advertising Agency based in Brazil. The company was started in 1999 and is among the top twenty companies in Brazil. He studied a degree in Commercial Advertising Art from a local university in Brazil. Besides being involved in the advertising industry, he has interests in other businesses like music and sports cars.


After graduating, Alexandre Gama got hired as a copywriter by Standard & Mather Company. He worked with the company for four years before moving to DM9 working at the same position. During his time in the company, he was awarded as the best creative copywriter. In 1999, he decided to quit and invest in his advertising agency, Neogama. The company has since become one of the biggest advertising company and has won many awards year after year. The sold a minority share to A British Advertising agency BBH and completed his earn out in 2016.

Investment in music

Alexandre Gama has an overwhelming love for music. He has invested in the production of guitars targeting the Brazilians who love playing with the instrument. He has a guitar brand and hopes that more people will enjoy listening to music played using a guitar.