The Quincy Incidents

The Quincy complex may seem like a good place to live due to its convenient location and nice living spaces, but it has been a popular spot for crime in recent years. It has some attractive buildings, nice amenities, and for many, it is an ideal place to live.



Following are situations that happened in the last few years that made some people wonder if the Quincy apartment units are as safe as they would like:



For most people their jobs are relatively risk-free. For a pizza delivery man in New Brunswick, NJ on November 30th, 2012, his job wasn’t that safe. No one expects to be robbed at gun point on their average day, but that is exactly what happened to one pizza delivery man who arrived to a Quincy owned address to deliver pizza, but was told by the resident that he didn’t order it. That is when three men approached him and pulled out a handgun demanding his money, pizza, and valuables.



Another crime-related incident was a shooting on October 7th, 2015. A man was approached by a man with a hoodie who shot him sending him to the hospital. The story has it that three to four shots were fired with the suspect immediately running off afterwards. Instead of being transported by an ambulance to the hospital, the victim was driven in a Honda. Several bullet casings were found the next day by police who were looking for the suspect. Fortunately, the man survived his gun wounds and his life was spared in what could have been a tragedy at this address.



While these instances are spread out they have left questions in people’s minds as to whether or not the area is a safe one and if they should think twice before renting or buying.