How Brian Bonar Has Conducted Business Over The Years

Brian Bonar is the Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, the company that he has accomplished most of his notable business projects with. But he’s worked for many other companies and served on various business and non-profit boards, and he’s also recently become a restaurateur.

Brian Bonar has become an accomplished entrepreneur because he possesses acute knowledge of the markets, knows the ins and outs of business structuring and mergers and acquisitions, and forming partnerships. Bonar currently resides in San Diego County in California but is originally from the UK.

Brian Bonar grew up in Scotland and attended James Watt Technical College first where he got a degree in mechanical engineering. He later attended Strathclyde University where he got a bachelor’s degree in business, and then completed his master’s at Staffordshire University.

He started out in the corporate world as a consultant for IBM UK Ltd. and was with the IT giant for 17 years helping grow their customer base and office locations.

Bonar would relocate to the US after leaving IBM and served in various automated technology and printing service companies including QMS Management, Bezier Systems, Adaptec and the Amanda Company. He joined the Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1994 and won the Executive of the Year Representing Finance in 2010.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has turned the Dalrada Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries into major partners for small businesses through the solutions he’s put forth. His biggest solution has been the professional employer organization (PEO) model, a way that human resource departments can be outsourced.

The functions of a PEO can vary according to company service, but usually a PEO becomes the employer of record listed on an employee’s W2 form and also handles issues such as payroll and tax information.

They also will usually manage paid vacations, 401k plans and insurance and that allows the partnering company to just simply worry about day-to-day employee tasks. While a PEO usually also does the recruiting and even hiring, the partnering company still has the final say over retaining any employee.

In addition to founding several companies and pioneering the PEO model, Bonar has taken an interest in several restaurants in the Escondido, CA area. One of his first big restaurant acquisitions was Bellamy’s, a quaint fine dining place featuring a blend of cuisines.

Bonar hired a highly recommended Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to run Bellamy’s, and now Ponsaty also caters to tourists visiting Bonar’s Ranch at Bandy Canyon restaurant and resort.