What Does It Take To Enter The Racquetball Player’s Profession

Racquetball may not be the most talked about sport in the world, but it has a fine set of skills and techniques that are required to be successful in it. One man who’s mastered the art of racquetball is Sawyer Howitt, a young man who recently finished up his senior year of college and is currently the project manager at The Meriweather Group. But on the side he plays professional racquetball having learned the skills necessary to do so. Howitt has some racquetball tips that he offers anyone who believes they have what it takes to play professionally.

First, Howitt says aspiring professional racquetball players should make notes of the game and what they really want to do with it. They have to answer the question of whether they want to play the sport for a paycheck, or play for the love of the game. Once they’ve answered that, then they need to do in-depth studying into the game to understand how to make it work for them. Then they need to figure out a game plan for improving their skills and reaching their goals such as practice routines and being a part of amateur leagues. But most of all, Howitt says you can’t reach the height of your limit without a good coach there to make it happen.

Sawyer Howitt has grown up in Portland, OR and while still only in middle school he picked up on racquetball and pursued his passion for it. He’s played in several high school tournaments including Oregon’s own state championship series in 2015 though he lost both those matches. But his dedication to the game has kept him going at full force and allowed him to become competitive even with the stiff competition. But he also spends a lot of time balancing out his sports life with accounting and finance business.

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