Everyone is Happy with Securus Technology

The Securus technology was founded in 1986.Since its foundation, the company has never come second in the provision of high-tech. The company has 30 years of experience in the field. In all these years, the firm has been nothing but innovative. It is amazing how the company has managed to stay updated in the field, after all this time. The company serves in 48 states.3400 correctional services and 1.2 million inmates depend on the Securus technology.

The company’s interest is to ensure that the public is safe as well as inmates. This is why they have come up with gadgets that ensure the administration can see everything that is happening in the cells. This is to protect the life of the convicts.

The development that many people have celebrated is the innovation of gadgets that have helped them keep in touch with the outside world. The users are especially happy with the devices that have helped them communicate with the inmates from home. They say that sometimes despite the willingness to know how the convict is fairing, the busy schedule does not allow them to visit them. This has, therefore, been a significant development.

The inmates who have served long sentences are very grateful to the Securus Company. They say that it is through their devices that they have been able to keep in touch with the outside world. The chance to see images and developments have assisted the convicts to feel connected to the world. This has eradicated the fear of life after being released.

Securus technology has played a big role in the society. This is by ensuring that the families don’t fall apart as a result of jail sentences. The users have rated their services very highly. They appreciate the reliability, convenience and affordability that come along with their services.


Securus Survey Genuine Inmate Security Logistics Nightmare Revealed

Securus Technologies, a leader in civil and crime justice technology, recently made a reach out to its customers to find out what they could do to make crime investigation and actual correctional facilities safer and more efficient.


This is a great venture as it touches on what Securus focuses on in this otherwise delicate niche. The company made public the comments, emails and formal letters received in response to its request. The fact that these responses are straight from officers who are actively involved in preventing or solving crimes and ensuring that the correctional facility environment is safer and better makes everything even more practical.


The gathered information focused on what the officers and other stakeholders think Securus should do to make inmates, parolees and their loved ones safer. According to Richard A. Smith, the Chair and Chief Executive Officer over at Securus Technologies, the move was bound to bring out the most pertinent issues in the market and make them know to team players across the board.


Real Problems That Are Easily Overlooked


Most of the comments hint on realistic problems that are otherwise easy to overlook. Things like automatically monitoring inmate calls and only escalating a call to a human monitor once specific keywords are used might sound complex and unnecessarily but it is great when trying to keep contraband off our cells.


I believe that Securus efforts to dig deep into what users think of its software and what they have to say about it is a great way to give it insight into making the right development decisions in future. While it shows some of the loopholes in their systems, it is still a great learning experience that will cut across the board.


Furthermore, the fact that Securus Technologies chose to make this information public shows that the company is more interested in making the system efficient and safer to the extent of sharing insider information with its competitors.